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We are here to help you uncover the world of Gold Bullion.  Here you will find out all about Gold Bullion First off what does Gold Bullion Spot mean or why invest in Gold Bullion or maybe we might be getting ahead of our self what does bullion  mean. You will find answers to all your questions as your search this site devoted entirely to gold! But let’s answer a few questions to begin with!

What is Gold Bullion Spot Price?

Gold is traded every minute of every hour around the world. So what does it mean when you hear the word Gold Bullion Spot. That is what the price of gold at that exact moment and since the price of gold is always in motion it’s hard to say in advance how much a gold coin, or bullion is going to cost. So a dealer will say I am selling this coin or bullion at spot price + my fee. You now know if you look if the price of gold at this exact moment you will know to add the gold bullion spot price with the fee.  For a little more  depth article read Gold prices per ounce which explains how a dealer will come up with the current gold prices per ounce.


How do we know the Gold Bullion Spot Price

The most common benchmark since 1919 for the cost of gold continues to be the London gold fixing, a telephone meeting of reps is held twice a day from five gold-buying and selling firms from the London bullion market. The London gold fixing is conducted in euro, pound sterling and the united  states dollar. In addition, gold is exchanged continuously around the world in line with the intra-day spot price, based on over-the-counter gold-buying and selling marketplaces all over the world.

What does Bullion Gold mean?

Any precious metals that are in bulk. Usually you will find gold bullion in the form of coins or ingots.


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